First certified training course to become a 
lean construction experts according to VDI 2553

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VDI is the abbreviation for “Verein Deutscher Ingenieure”, which is the biggest German association of engineers, publishing standards in engineering and being an internationally well recognized body of engineers.

Lean Construction Expert
according to VDI 2553

  • First certified training course to become a Lean Construction Expert according to VDI 2553

  • Participants will receive a VDI certificate after having completed the course successfully

  • Part-time training over 3-4 months with 8 days of full time active training in person, with practical exercises and each participant will conduct an individual project implementation

  • The trainers are leading practical experts in the field of lean construction and construction management

  • Additional social benefit: 50% of the profits of the academy are donated to a non-profit children’s charity called “kids island e.V”. 


Why to become a Lean Construction Expert?

Being a Lean Construction Expert means to be proven capable to implement and moderate Lean Construction approaches in your own company.

As a result, you’ll achieve higher reliability in achieving scheduling goals within your projects. You’re able to introduce lean construction methods yourself and have the corresponding skills in moderation.

By that you’re able to reduce schedule and interface collisions and you’ll be proficient in various control methods, including the Last Planner® System (LPS), the methodology of takt time planning and control and all other construction methods including process analysis methods according to VDI 2553. This will enable you to identify and implement potential of value improvement within your company and processes.

The Lean Construction Akademie Deutschland GmbH is the first recognized training partner of the VDI on the topic of Lean Construction (VDI 2553) to be allowed to issue this special qualification certificate.


Target group of participants

  • Project managers
  • Site management (owners & contractors, planners & contractors)
  • Project controller
  • Architects, designers and planners
  • Quantiy surveyors
  • Lean Construction practicioners and people in positions of continuous improvement within the construction sector


Our vision of the German Lean Construction Academy

  • To create more value in design and construction, by teaching methods and shaping a new construction culture based on collaboration, transparency and value creation.

  • Highest standards of teaching and quality in lean construction, as well as a thorough review process managed by the VDI.

  • Logo Kids IslandTo make the world a better place in tangible way by investing a large proportion (50%) of the academy’s profits as a donation to the children charity called "Kids Island", which builds Christian day-care centres for children in areas of extreme poverty in the world.




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German Lean Construction Academy

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